What Gear Do I need for Touring?

A question frequently asked ‘Do I need a tourer for touring?’ No, not necessarily. There are advantages to tourers Designed to carry a heavy load. Long wheel-base to more stable Multiple hand position The geometry means that it’s more upright. It is possible to make a few adaptations to your bicycle to make it easierContinue reading “What Gear Do I need for Touring?”

Lancashire Cycleway 2 nights: The Northern Loop 120 miles 3 days (Friday to Sun)

The glorious and challenging Northern Loop of the Lancashire Cycleway haven’t yet daunted the women who have completed this tour since 2013. Starting out in Preston at Broughton crossroads, and heading first to the small market town of Kirkham the route covers several parts of the undulating Lancashire countryside. The small country roads and pathsContinue reading “Lancashire Cycleway 2 nights: The Northern Loop 120 miles 3 days (Friday to Sun)”

The Peak District long weekender

A marvellous free range weekender in the stunning Peak District for women who cycle and enjoy cake Back in 2017 way before social distancing and bubbles, adventurous women enjoyed the incredible Peak District on cycles. This weekender is designed for women to explore trails and routes in small groups following well sign posted pathways betweenContinue reading “The Peak District long weekender”