Am I to old to learn to cycle?

No, its never too late to try out cycling and there are lots of new groups popping up across the UK in local communities to encourage women who are new to cycling to try out bikes, including E-bikes. There is a great story here about a group of women who had never learned to cycle as children, and who are now active cyclists, encouraging other women in the Muslim community to take it up. There are lots of health benefits to cycling and more and more local authorities are promoting and funding cycling schemes and adapting roads to accommodate cycling. Campaigning and incentive groups have also sprung up over the last couple of years see for example Bike is Best and Love 2 Ride. Our tours are designed to support women of all ages to experience the pleasure of cycling in quiet rural locations at your own pace. British Cycling’s Breeze programme offers free led cycle rides in towns and cities all over the UK. Booking is easy and all rides are led by qualified bike leaders.

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